Looking for room painting ideas? Take a look at this - My Own Den

Looking for room painting ideas? Take a look at this

This is an image I found on Dulux the paint people’s site.  We’re looking to do both the kids rooms this year so I’ve been searching for inspiration.

What I like about this bedroom is its appeal to boys and girls.  Although painted in blue it’s not a traditional themed ‘boys bedroom’ look.  I think this room is great as it’s got the fundamentals just right:

  1. It looks unified but not too ‘done’.
  2. It has the ability to grow with the child.  This could be the room of quite a young child but change some of the items on the shelves and it’s easily the room of an older child.
  3. It drops in some higher end products with some goods that you can get away.  A nice teepee tent with plush cushions are the major spend in this room, neither of which would break the bank.

If you’d like to have a go a creating the paint work in this room, there’s a helpful video to help you

If you’re looking for room painting ideas and your child isn’t into blue and clouds they might prefer a jungle or circus theme6-ways-to-decorate-your-kid-s-bedroom.  Although I’d be quite nervous about recreating the ceiling in the circus themed one…

Clever use of paint is a good way to stamp some personlisation on a den. If you want to check out other ideas then have a look at their site. They’ve got a number of themes, all blissfully plastic toy free.

We’re rather chuffed too that in their space themed bedroom they’vesnurk got our very own astronaut bedding. I’m not sure about that chair though I think a Petrol Happy Cat Bean Bag would look much better.

Have a good Easter!

NicxxHappyCat Petroleum frittet 2

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