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Where To Start? Children’s Bedroom Ideas

What do we strive for as parents?  Everyone knows it’s happy children just like the two in this picture.

Our home is a sanctuary for us at the end of a busy day, and our children’s bedrooms are their own special place within it, well it’s their den isn’t it?  So careful thought is needed when thinking about children’s bedroom ideas.  At My Own Den we believe there are key things to consider when planning a new den or revamping an existing one.

Children’s Bedroom Ideas- The Things You Probably Know

So let’s start with the standard stuff, you need to consider:

  1. The age and interests of your child, for example a fossil loving outdoor type is going to need a lot of display areas- trust us we know about this.
  2. How long is the bedroom is going to last?  First bedrooms tend to last until the child is a toddler- a chair for nursing and changing station might come above storage space for toys if space and budgets are tight.
  3. The size of your budget.  Are you going in for a major change or are you aiming to upgrade the space with a few key items such as new bedding.kite toddler teddy bear bedding ferm living
  4. What are your personal capabilities and capacity?  Are you really going to run up your own cushions and bunting?  Great if you are but be realistic about what you can actually do.

Children’s Bedroom Ideas- The Things You Should Think About

The other things that should think about

  1. What is your tolerance to mess?  Does your child’s bedroom need to be perfect at night?  Can they leave out important unfinished lego projects? Whose needs are you meeting?  Remember mess is not the same thing as dirt.
  2. What is the personality of your child?  Consider carefully their individual needs. Are they an introvert?  If so do they need a quiet space away from younger siblings?
  3. What are they going to do in their room?  Are they going to entertain friends?  Are they going to play, draw or create?  What does the den need to make it work for them.

Children’s Bedroom Ideas- The Really Important Things To Consider

What’s really key to it all

  1. A child’s den is a reflection of their sense of self.  It really is important to get it right for their well being.  You know the posters that you think look really tatty well they look great to them.
  2. Be prepared to compromise. It’s just one room in the home.  If you can’t bear posters stuck to the wall, then get them framed, or buy a noticeboard to contain the chaos.Villa-magnetic-board---blue-A.w240.h240
  3. Not only ask them what they want but actively engage them in the process.  Ask them what’s really important to them in their own space.   If you get it right, they’re far more likely to take pride in their room and keep it tidy(ish) which of course makes for happy parents.
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