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Are You Ready For Save The Children’s Den Day?

It goes without saying that we’re all about dens here at My Own Den, but this week we’re going totally den-tastic.

save the children logoOn Wednesday I made a snap decision to host a Family Den Day in aid of Save the Children. It’s a cause I really believe in and I wanted My Own Den to be involved. If you read the blog regularly you might have seen my previous post about Save the Children’s Den Day. In brief, the idea is to encourage children to make a den, raise some sponsorship and learn how little some children have in terms of basic shelter. I had been talking to a country park about organising the event there, but the discussions were protracted and I was worried that it was not going to happen. So Plan B came into play; I decided to host it here at home, and perhaps equally as rashly, to publish this news first and tell my husband second. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

The My Own Den Family Den Day is on Saturday 18th June in Cambridge. For details see the invitation and sign up to attend on the MOD Facebook page, or view it here and drop me an email to attend. Please do come along if you can, and if you can’t, then maybe you can hold your own Den Day. We might not have woods to roam through, but we will have plenty of cardboard boxes, blankets and poles for den-building fun and frolics, and we’ll also have a BBQ, face painting and refreshments. It’s free to attend but we’re asking for donations for refreshments and activities, all to raise money for Save The Children.

New Den-Building Kits and a Den-tastic Special Offer

In line with our Den Day celebrations, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of these fantastic Den Building Kits from Flibberty.  Flibberty is a UK based company set up by two women passionate about Forest Schools and outdoor play. Our family has had one of their kits for years so I can thoroughly recommend them. Great for imaginative and independent play in the great outdoors. The kits have everything you need to make a great den, including tarpaulin, mallet and pegs, and groundsheet. And the really great news is there’s 20% off the kits for the whole of June using the code in our newsletter. Subscribe to get the code for this offer and also for 10% off all our dens.

They'd make a great gift to participate in Save the Children's Den Day which happens on 17 and 18 June

They’d make a great gift to participate in Save the Children’s Den Day which happens on 17 and 18 June

truly lovely up

Maybe you’d like a change from the camouflage look?

Facebook Fame

Finally, I found minor fame this week. I did a horse impersonation on my Facebook page where it’s had over 3000 views. I’ve loaded it onto You Tube so you can see for yourself. It’s not professional, and it’s off the cuff, but I’ve been told it’s pretty good, albeit by my friends!


Have a great week

Nic x


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