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Cool Wall Stickers for Kids


Go Wild Cool Wall Stickers by A Lovely Little Company.  A quick and easy way to enliven and personalise a den, the pack consists on one banner sticker and 20 smaller stickers.


Product Story

Cool Wall Stickers for Kids are a great way to personalise a den quickly and with impact.  Our Grow Wild Cool Wall Stickers for Kids consist of a large banner with the hand drawn text ‘Grow wild’ with 20 small stickers.  Two arrows, three lightning bolts and 15 little stars.

Apply the stickers to a smooth, clean, dry and dust free surface.  Caution is needed when removing as they can damage some sensitive surfaces.

  • Sizes: 32.7 x 9 cm (large sticker)
  • Contents: 1 large and 20 small stickers

Brand Story

Our Grow Wild Cool Wall Stickers for Kids comes from A Lovely Little Company which started in the winter of 2013 by designers Judith deRuijter and Nikki Hateley.

Judith and Nikki have a shared passion in transforming ordinary, everyday home and party decorations into unique pieces with a personal (and creative) touch. This philosophy led to a unique concept and thus A Little Lovely company was born. A Little Lovely Company is commited to creating a collection of high quality decorations for home and happenings!

With an eye for detail, beautiful colour, and design their unique products give any den some individual style and flair – making every day life just that bit little more lovely.


wipe clean and switch off when not in use!

Play ideas

Insist that Mum and Dad do a proper star constellation with the small stickers, you know they want you to learn don’t you?


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