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Hello Sunshine Banner

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What better way to start the day than to wake up to this Hello Sunshine Banner, featuring embroidered lettering on soft cotton, and a wooden doweling rod to keep it straight on the wall.

The banner measures 26 x 31 cm and is made from 100% cotton.

Product Story

The Hello Sunshine Banner from Sass and Belle is light and airy and makes a great addition to a den. It’s a muted yellow on soft cotton.

The banner features embroidered lettering against lovely pretty pastel printed fabric. Across the top is a piece of doweling wood to hold it straight, and a matching cotton string to hang it from.

It measures 26 x 31 cm

Brand Story

Sass and Belle is the brand of RJB Stone, a company founded by Richard John Benedict Stone. Richard started his business back in 1996 when he returned home from working in Bombay, and went to the Edinburgh Festival with a thousand juggling balls to sell.

Sass & Belle is named after Richard’s two children. Like the children, Sass & Belle products are quirky, warm and charming. The two little birds on their logo represent the girls and their playfully inquisitive nature.


Wash at 40 c.


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