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Drawing of London Print

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Every room benefits from some art on the wall, and children will love this London Drawing of famous London landmarks by Simon Hammond. Printed on A3 size watercolour paper from an original silk-screen print made on site at ARTHOUSE Meath in London.


Product Story

A Drawing of London Print, this is a fine line drawing, mainly in black and white, which is injected with the red of the famous London Bus. Perfect for den dwellers who love visiting the sights of London. The original is a handmade silk-screen print by Simon Hammond, an artist supported by the organisation, printed on site at ARTHOUSE Meath in Surrey UK. This print is on A3 watercolour paper, sold mounted but unframed.

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Brand Story

This Drawing of London Print is from ARTHOUSE Meath is an organization based in Surrey which showcases the talents and skills of adults living with severe epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties.

Professional art instructors offer guidance to ARTHOUSE Meath artists helping each person create images for designs and art works for exhibition and sale. All contributions are valued and everyone is involved. The artists offer something new with a refreshing perspective.

100% of sales revenue goes back into the business for ongoing development in the hope of creating more opportunity for more people in the future.


Keep an eye on it and get it framed as quickly as you can.

Play Ideas

Use the drawing as inspiration for your own art work.  Sketch your den in pencil and add in one splash of colour.


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