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Light Blue Peg Board by Block

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Beautifully crafted pegs and dowels in carefully coordinated colours give this Light Blue Peg Board from Block a distinctly retro feel. Perfect for hanging nick nacks and trinkets, and a ideal way to organise notices and reminders with style.

The dimensions are 610mm x 405mm and each peg board comes with 10 large wooden pegs, and 5 small wooden dowels.


Product Story

We all need a bit of order in our lives, and this Light Blue Peg Board by Block is perfect for holding nick nacks, stationery and notes in place. With its distinctly retro feel, it fulfils the design principle of being functional and looking great. We think the fine detailing of colour and finish on the carefully crafted pegs and dowels is a rare find.

All pegboards come with fittings to hang on the wall, and best of all the boards are made in the UK.

The dimensions are 610mm x 405mm and each peg board comes with 10 large wooden pegs and 5 small wooden dowels.

Brand Story

Block was formed in 2000 by Tara Ashe. After completing a degree in the applied arts, Tara went on to do an engineering course to give her the practical knowledge she needed to translate the aesthetic she now had into a working product range.

Block has now grown into a small team of passionate designers. Block embraces colour and sits as a nice contrast to some of the more stark and minimal contemporary design.


A gentle wipe is all the pegboard needs.

Play ideas

Use the peg board to brighten up your den, and pin up your achievements and awards with pride.


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