Super Hero Play Mat and Storage Bag In One
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Super Hero Play Mat and Storage Bag

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No more time on your hands and knees scooping up Lego bricks or piles of toys! The Super Hero Play Mat and Storage Bag is quite simply the best idea ever – simply pull the string when you’ve finished playing on the mat, and everything is tided into a neat storage bag ready for next time. Made from durable canvas, it’s also a great way to transport toys around the house, into the garden, or even to the park. Genius.

Measures 140cm diameter.

Product Story

Anything that makes life easier gets our vote at My Own Den, and the Super Hero Play Mat and Storage Bag scores a resounding Yes from us. Den dwellers love to tip boxes of toys and Lego out and spread them over the floor, but guess who ends up on their hands and knees scooping them all back in again? Not any more – with one pull on the string when they’ve finished playing on the mat, everything is swiftly cleared away ready for next time. A bit like waving a magic wand! The storage bag is great for carrying toys between rooms around the house, out into the garden, or even to the beach.

The Storage Mat and Bag measures 140cm in diameter, and is made to last from durable 100% pure cotton fabric.

Brand Story

Play & Go is a new Belgian based creative company, offering clever, colourful and inspiring products for children and the home, and husband-and-wife team Alain and Celine value the importance of  fun and creative play for kids.

Celine is the creative lead and Alain focuses on sales and finance. The Storage Bag and Play Mat was created in response to the realisation that keeping toys tidy is a worldwide problem!


Cool wash please.

Play Ideas

Fill the storage bag with all your favourite toys and drag it into your den.


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