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Graffiti Bin


If you have a teenager who is determined to have a den that’s a bit different, good for them! The Graffiti Bin from German ethical company Werkhaus is a really original design. It’s sturdily made, easy to wipe clean, and might even encourage you den dweller to keep their room tidy! The crumbling plaster design reveals bricks and mortar underneath and has a distinctly urban feel.

Comes flat-packed and measures 41 x 26 x 26 cm (H x W x D) when assembled.



Product Story

This Graffiti Bin from Werkhaus is perfect for teenage den dwellers. Bins for dens are essential, but finding ones that kids like and want to use is a different matter. The Graffiti Bin has an eye-catching design of pealing plaster revealing bricks and mortar underneath. It’s functional, good-looking and easy to assemble, which is just what we like at My Own Den. In fact, we love these bins so much we’ve ‘borrowed’ a couple for our office – well one just didn’t seem enough.

Made from MDF, the Graffiti Bin is covered with high resolution digital prints and protected by a UV hardening lacquer on both sides. The product comes flat-packed, measures 41 x 26 x 26 cm (H x W x D) when assembled, and is 100 % made in Germany.

Brand Story

Werkhaus is a German company based in Northern Germany, with a strong ecological ethos. They only use recycled wood and paper, all colours they use are water-based and non toxic, and all  products are made in Germany. Werkhaus is a diverse organisation, with disabled people making up 15% of the workforce, and more than ten countries represented within their staff team.


Keep an eye on it, it’s highly likely to go ‘missing.’

Play Ideas

Invite your friends round, screw up waste paper and do some target practise into the bin.


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