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Polyrap Foldable Bin


This bright yellow and white foldable bin is made from recycled materials and is a fine example of contemporary design. Desirable to adults and kids alike, it looks great in any den and wipes clean. No liner required.

The Polyrap Foldable Bin measures 45cm tall x 27cm deep x 27cm wide

Product Story

The Polyrap Foldable Bin is smart and stylish, with recycling at its very core. Polyrap’s small size makes it ideal for a bedroom wastepaper basket, or use a few of them dotted around your home as super-cool mini recycling centres.

Since the Polyrap can be unfolded, wiped clean and refolded, it doesn’t need an ugly bin liner. The Polyrap itself is made from recycled and fully recyclable material that has a naturally non-stick surface, so its perfect for a bin. Even if your den dweller isn’t an eco-warrior yet, the Polyrap is a functional and good-looking bin, and will satisfy any den dweller’s desire for something a bit different.

The Polyrap measures 45cm tall x 27cm deep x 27cm wide

Brand Story

We at My Own Den love Blue Marmalade’s story. The company was set up by furniture designers Trent and Tom in 2002, who believe good design can help us all live a more enjoyable, less wasteful life. How? By creating eco-friendly products that are interesting, witty, challenging and full of life.

Products that people not only want to buy, but that they’ll want to keep for a long time. The production process ensures that the footprint is as light as possible – local production, sustainable materials, all production cast-offs re-used and products flat-packed for transport, yet straightforward to put together.


Wipe clean.

Play Ideas

Roll up your paper for recycling into small balls and see how accurate you are at throwing.


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