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Seahorse Bedding Set


Make a statement with this stylish Seahorse Bedding from Melli Mello in Holland. If you and your den dweller love pink but want something a bit more modern and quirky, then this is the perfect solution! Comprising single duvet cover and matching pillowcase. Please note the pillowcase is larger than standard, see below.

Product Story

Do you love pink but are tired of the traditional cheesy designs? Our Seahorse Bedding from Melli Mello in Holland shouts out colour and style. This really is marmite bedding; you either love it or hate it. Well we love marmite and we love all the bedding that Melli Mello produce.

The Seahorse Bedding is bursting with colour and detail, incorporating insects, butterflies and dazzling jewels!

The bedding is made from 100% cotton satin, giving it a very soft finish and making it a delight to sleep under. The duvet cover measures 140 x 220 cm and has an envelope fold, so no nasty buttons for small fingers to struggle with. The pillowcase is slightly larger than standard at 70 x 65cm so it will take a larger pillow 65 x 65cm, which you can get from any large company such as good old IKEA.

Brand Story

Melli Mello is a family affair.  Erdem and Lobna Terzi founded a textile company in 2002 whilst studying at university.

Lobna was in charge of the bedding collection and had frequent contact with several designers, and gradually developed her own unique vision. Both her family and husband encouraged Lobna to use her talent to become a designer and that is what she did!

Melli Mello is a brand  based on the theme “cross cultural blend.” It is inspired by different cultures and captures and fuses many different ideas and styles.


Wash at 40 c.


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