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Geogami Origami Bedding Set

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We defy any teenage den dweller not to fall in love with this Geogami Origami Bedding Set. Bold colours and the illusion of a three dimensional design will take their den decor to a whole new level. Made from 100% high-quality soft cotton, the reverse side of the bedding is mustard yellow. Made in Portugal and designed by Dutch company Snurk.



Product Story

We love origami so it’s no surprise that we were drawn to this groovy (we still like this word although we’re told it’s not cool) origami bedding.  Great for teenagers who appreciate good design in their den.  The mixed colours on the bedding allows it to blend in with a range of colour schemes.

This colourful three dimensional print has plenty of colour combined with strong design.  The colour palette may vary but back and front are cut to create as much colour variety as possible.

The duvet cover set is made from 100% high quality soft cotton.  It is designed in Holland and made in Portugal.

Brand Story

In 2007, advertising professional Peggy decided to execute an idea to make a duvet cover and fitted sheet that look like a cardboard box and a sidewalk (pavement to us). Almost of the profits of these two special designs went to a charity organization supporting homeless youngsters in the Netherlands.

We love this brand as the SNURK kids designs are definitely different than the rest of the market which is, in Peggy’s own words, ‘very loud and Disney-dominated’.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Wash at 40 c.



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