Astronaut bedding set
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Astronaut Bedding Set

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Banish bedtime blues forever with this amazing Astronaut Bedding Set from Snurk. The pillowcase features an astronaut’s space helmet and is just waiting for your den dweller’s face to complete the picture. Houston we have lift off! Just remember to be back in time for breakfast.

Made from 100% high-quality soft cotton.

Product Story

Has your den dweller outgrown cartoon astronauts but still loves everything space-related? This Astronaut Bedding Set by Snurk might just be the answer. We love this quirky design, and we’re willing to bet you won’t find a more original bedding set anywhere. Perfect for both younger kids and older teenagers who want something to create that ‘cool’ factor in their bedroom.

The matching pillowcase, complete with space helmet, is just waiting for your den dweller’s face to create an authentic astronaut. Houston we have lift off!

The duvet cover and pillowcase are made from 100% high-quality soft cotton, designed in Holland and made in Portugal.

Brand Story

In 2007, advertising professional Peggy decided to execute an idea to make a duvet cover and fitted sheet that looked like a cardboard box and a sidewalk (pavement to us).  Almost all of the profits of these two special designs went to a charity organization supporting homeless youngsters in the Netherlands.

We love this brand as the SNURK kids’ designs are definitely different to the rest of the market, which is, in Peggy’s own words, ‘very loud and Disney-dominated.’ We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


Wash at 40 c.

Play Ideas

Get everyone in the family to pose as an astronaut and judge who looks the best. Perfect for dreamtime space travel but do be back in time for breakfast.


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