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Rose Pavilion Play Tent

Rose Pavilion Play Tent


Our Rose Pavilion Play Tent is surely every child’s dream come true. Spacious enough to share a picnic with friends, it’s perfect for the garden. Made from 100% quality cotton with beautiful decorative finishing touches, and a padded floor quilt.

Product Story

Rose Pavilion Play Tent

Surely the den of all dens, this Rose Pavilion Play Tent is the dream setting for pretend play. Spacious enough to share a picnic with friends, the tent is made from 100% durable cotton. Large decorative tassels and white curtains embroidered with colourful dragonflies add luxury finishing touches, and the beautifully appliquéd padded floor quilt is perfect for lounging on with a book.

Ideal for the garden, the Rose Pavilion Play Tent has a light-weight metal frame which makes it easy to assemble, and it comes with its own storage bag so it will store neatly away.

Brand Story

Our Rose Pavilion Play Tent comes to us from Win Green a British Company that was established in 2001 by Sue and Jeff.  Their philosophy is one that we fully endorse at My Own Den.  They believe that:

 children should be encouraged from an early age to explore their imaginations through play, allowing them to use their own creativity to develop their playing and learning skills”

Win Green produce well made products that will stand the test of time. Beautifully embroidered and appliqued, Win Green products are made from extremely durable 100% cotton and are hand-woven and hand-dyed using traditional Indian weaving and dying techniques.

Win Green’s products are made in India. Their suppliers help empower rural women to gain financial freedom and support their entire family. The factories where the products are produced employ over 250 rural women who have been trained in stitching, packaging and embroidery. This initiative, with the help of the state government’s District Rural Development Agency, is meant only for the employment of women. It has been a metamorphic journey for many of the socially and economically backward rural women who are now financially independent.


Wipe clean with a damp cloth and make sure adults are only let in on your terms.

Play ideas

Charge an entrance fee for adults to come in of at least one sweet.


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