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Large Fair Trade Toy Elephant

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This happy green elephant is a Fair Trade stuffed toy from Lazy Lizards, hand-made in Sri Lanka from natural biodegradable fibres, with contrasting ears and tail. Perfect for a new baby or young child, it will brighten up any nursery and may well become a friend for life! Approx 35 cm tall, washable, and of course ethically made.

Product Story

There’s something about elephants that we just can’t resist! This large green Fair Trade toy elephant from Lazy Lizards is looking for a new home where he can be a companion for someone special.

Each toy is made from start to finish by one artisan, who is responsible for the quality of the final product.

The toys are hand-made made from cotton, cotton and silk, or wool yarn. The dyes are safe and where stuffing is used, it’s made from kapok pulp. All fibres are natural and therefore biodegradable. They are also washable.

The large elephant is approximately 35cms tall.

Brand Story

Our large fair trade toy elephant come from Lazy Lizards,who import Barefoot Toys from Sri Lanka.  

 The Barefoot story began  in 1962, when talented artist, colourist, designer and entrepreneur Barbara Sansoni began working, almost exclusively, with women in rural communities.

For over 40 years the Barefoot family has provided training and fair wages to its workers, and an environment conducive to creativity.

Sansoni textiles are inspired by the vivid land and seascapes, foliage and wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Goods are produced in village workshops, close to the homes of the weavers and sewers and even though Barefoot now exports to over 30 countries, nothing is mass produced.

No child labour is used. There are no factories and no production lines.

As required by law, all toys sold by My Own Den the European Safety Certificate or CE label.


Machine washable


Well the opportunities are endless aren’t they?  If you get into trouble just blame the elephant..


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