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Hazel Twig Tent


The Hazel Twig Tent playhouse is made from eco-friendly hazel branches. Perfect for small gardens, it’s simple to assemble, and easy to move around – the perfect base for a multitude of make-believe games.

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Product Story

A beautifully simple design, the Hazel Twig Tent is formed from just two sections, so it’s super-easy to assemble and to move around the garden. Made from young hazel branches that are bent and woven into panels, the Hazel Twig tent makes the ideal play structure for countless games of imaginative play. And it will look great in any garden too, a lovely alternative if you’re not into plastic play structures. Grownups have even been spotted lying underneath it in the shade with a book. Like all our hazel playhouses, the Hazel Twig Tent is a fair trade product. The dimensions are 120 cm x 130 cm.

Brand Story

Chairworks is a London based company that has been trading for over 20 years, all of it’s products are fair trade. We love the fact that are materials used are natural and ethically sourced. In addition to hazel Chairworks uses willow, rattan, sea grass, maize, water hyacinth, banana leaf, abaca, rush, raffia and grass.


The playhouse is maintenance-free and can be left out all year long, and will age beautifully and naturally.

Play ideas

We think that this hazel playhouse is begging for customising. Employing surveillance skills, small children sneak through the house on the search for equipment. Top requirements for any den are bedding and food. ‘Borrowed’ blankets, towels and duvets are all useful, as are tasty snacks and drinks.



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