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hazel playhouse

Hazel Playhouse


Our eco-friendly Hazel Playhouse provides hours of fun, and will look great in any garden. Low maintenance and super-easy to assemble.

This product comes direct from the manufacturer so please allow 7 working days for delivery.

Product Story

This Hazel Playhouse is the biggest outdoor den we sell, with loads of room to set up shop, home, base camp, or any other scene your child can dream up. It’s made from young hazel branches that are skillfully bent into shape to create this naturalistic structure. Sturdy and eco–friendly, it makes a wonderful garden playhouse, especially if you prefer something that blends into the garden rather than primary-coloured plastic. Like all our hazel dens, our Hazel Playhouse is a fair trade product. The playhouse has two windows and one door, and is super-easy to assemble, with just four pieces to be tied together with cable ties. The playhouse measures: L 120 cm D 110 cm H 140cm.

Brand Story

Our Hazel Playhouse is supplied to us by Chairworks.  Chairworks is a  London based company that has been trading for over 20 years.  We love all their products and were delighted to find their range of hazel dens for children.  It’s an added bonus that  all products are fair trade.  All materials they use are natural and the company works in are willow,  hazel, rattan, sea grass, maize, water hyacinth, banana leaf, abaca, rush, raffia and grass.


The Hazel Playhouse has it all, it looks great in the garden, the kids love it and it needs no maintenance. Leave it in the garden and it ages gracefully and beautifully.

Play ideas

The Playhouse makes an ideal HQ for all sorts of planning for tricks and games to be played in the garden.  Bring out favourite games to play inside, or for those children interested in wildlife it’s a perfect spot to observe birds and animals in the garden.


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