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outdoor den castle outdoor den made from hazel

Hazel Castle Outdoor Den


Sturdy and eco-friendly, this outdoor castle den made from woven hazel branches looks great in the garden and is brilliant for stimulating imaginative play. Easy as pie to assemble, too.

This product comes direct from the manufacturer so please allow 7 working days for delivery.

Product Story

Play at being king or queen of the castle in this wonderful Hazel Castle playhouse, complete with crenellations for shooting arrows from! Don’t forget to let the kids have a turn too though. Made from young hazel branches that are cleverly bent into an impressive castle structure, this outdoor playhouse will make a stylish addition to the garden, without a hint of garish plastic in sight. Brilliant for stimulating imaginative play, it’s sturdy and eco friendly, and super-easy to build, with just four pieces that need to be cable-tied together. The measurements are W 110cm D 110cm H 110cm.

Brand Story

Our Hazel Wigwam is supplied to us by Chairworks.  Chairworks are a  London based company that has been trading for over 20 years.  We love all their products and were delighted to find their range of hazel dens for children.  It’s an added bonus that  all products are fair trade.  All materials they use are natural and the company works in are willow,  hazel, rattan, sea grass, maize, water hyacinth, banana leaf, abaca, rush, raffia and grass.


There is nothing to do to maintain your outdoor den.  It will fade naturally and beautifully with age.

Play ideas

Get your friends around and ambush them as you see them approaching.  Take advantage of your castle and place it high on a hill to prevent invading siblings.  Or you could simply sit in your den and have a nice glass of milk and a biscuit as a reward for whittling arrows for hours.


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