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Ginger Cat Toy Pop Up Pet

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This pop-up Ginger Cat Toy makes a great gift or stocking filler, and comes in a decorative envelope handy for posting. The perfect friend to have in the den, she will sit anywhere and is very well behaved. The tabby cats are designed to be the same size as baby kittens. Made and designed in Britain by Pop Up Pets.

Product Story

This charming little pop-up tabby cat toy is a Ginger Tabby with beautiful green eyes, and she sits neatly and calmly wherever you put her. Her beautiful markings make her a pleasure to have around, and she looks great wherever she decides to sit in the den.

Pop Up Pets come beautifully packaged in brightly coloured envelopes, making them great gifts to post off to cat- loving den dwellers.

The envelope dimension is 31 x 17cm.  Our Pop Up Tabby Cat Toy is designed and made in the UK.

Brand Story

The Pop up Pets started off as little card models which were made as a way of keeping Monty, a Golden-Doodle, off the sofa. Soon Steve and Roz, a husband and wife team of graphic designers based in Bath, found they had a living room full of pet friends who had just popped up from nowhere. Their visitors delighted in them (even without knowing they’d made them) and they’ve  since found we have all kinds of other uses for them.

Pop up pets are from the same couple who make the fabulous colouring books such as these for boys.


Real cats are pretty low maintenance, but these really are hassle-free – the perfect pet!

Play Ideas

A different take on guarding a den. Guard your pet carefully; they have been known to be used for a remote-control stand or phone-charging station.


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