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Dog Pencil Case



Keep all your special pens and pencils together in this Dog Pencil Case, perfect for home or school. Den-dwellers have also been known to use it for stashing make-up or other treasures, and it makes a great sunglasses case too.

Designed by Margaret Mace for Arthouse MEATH.

Product Story

A  dog pencil case for the dog-loving den dweller. Your favourite pens and pencils deserve a special pencil case to keep them all together and away from any ‘borrowers’ in the family. Designed by Margaret Mace for Arthouse MEATH, this canine pencil-case is perfect for carrying pens and pencils to school, but who’s to say you can’t use it for something completely different, like a sunglasses case or make-up bag!

Brand Story

This Dog Pencil Case is from ARTHOUSE Meath, an organization based in Surrey that showcases the talents and skills of adults living with severe epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties.

Professional art instructors offer guidance to ARTHOUSE Meath artists, helping each person create images for designs and artworks for exhibition and sale. All contributions are valued and everyone is involved. The artists offer something new with a refreshing perspective.

100% of sales revenue goes back into the business for ongoing development in the hope of creating more opportunity for more people in the future.


Don’t leave it lying about or an adult might steal it.

Play Ideas

Why not start your own nature book?  Draw pictures of your favourite animals, label them and write a story about them.  Have a look at this link here to Wildlife Watch for inspiration.


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