Poppy Playhouse With Tower and Slide - My Own Den
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Poppy Playhouse With Tower and Slide


The Poppy Playhouse with Tower and slide is a great den to have in the garden.  With sturdy steps it really feels like a den that boys and girls alike will enjoy. Its small porch and half ‘glazed’ door adds to it’s authenticity in any child’s eyes, and the slide is great for making a quick getaway.

It measures a generous 6x6ft.

It is constructed using:

  • 12mm shiplap cladding
  • green mineral felt
  • 10mm solid sheet floor,
  • 8mm solid sheet roof
  • 28x28mm framing for extra strength.

Our Poppy Playhouse is made in Nottinghamshire (UK).

Product Story

The ultimate Poppy Playhouse with tower and slide!  All that you get with the Poppy Playhouse but with the added fun of a slide to make a quick exit.

Young den dwellers can enjoy the  benefit of a proper veranda and a bit of height.  The door is half window and half solid perfect for both sunny mornings and rainy afternoons.  It’s a great spot to play ‘house’ and to make the space into a perfect den. Like all playhouses it encourages imaginative play and will keep children entertained for hours.  It’s also the perfect spot for a picnic.

The Poppy Playhouse is a well made sturdy playhouse that will offer hours of fun.

All our playhouses are EN-71 certified, Click Here if you’d like to see it!  It has a slatted roof and an overlay floor

Width 233cm Depth 198cm Ridge Height 251cm Eaves height 209cm.

The Lookout Playhouse with Tower and Slidec omes untreated giving you the opportunity to customise it in your favourite colour/s.

Product Story

All our playhouses are proudly made in Nottinghamshire UK by Mercia.  Mercia is relatively new to the world of manufacturing garden playhouses but is an experienced operator in the timber industry.   Mercia is based on a lovely open 20 acre site in Nottinghamshire where it employs 150 staff.

All the timber is sourced from forests that are well managed and sustainable.


You will need to treat your Lookout Playhouse with Tower with a wood treatment to ensure it lasts.

Play ideas

Maybe you could ask Mum and Dad in for a cup of ‘tea’…Make sure they drink it all up won’t you?  If they don’t like it you can always escape quickly down the slide


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