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Cardboard Toys- Aeroplane

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A sturdy cardboard plane from Flat-out Frankie, perfect for kids to build and decorate. Pop the plane out from its flat-pack, customise with pens, paint or stickers, then climb inside and prepare for take-off! Made from 100% recyclable cardboard, this plane will provide hours of creative and active play.

Product Story

This cardboard aeroplane comes flat-packed ready to pop out, construct and customise. Add your own decoration, climb inside and whoosh, you’re ready for take-off. Printed in white on plain card, the Cardboard Aeroplane is made from 100% recyclable cardboard by Flatout Frankie.

Cardboard toys are a firm favourite at My Own Den, being ecologically sound, imaginative and recyclable. Cardboard toys come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some home made, and some ready-made like this beautifully designed aeroplane, but all are loved by den dwellers.

The plane comes packaged in a large, strong cardboard envelope which is great for storage. The ink used is kid- friendly and is made from sustainable materials. The plane measures 61 X 32 X 28 cm.

Brand Story

Sarah Gardner launched Flatout Frankie in 2011. Sarah’s background in graphics ensures every toy looks great in the room it lands in at the end of the day. The Flatout Frankie starting point was to create beautifully designed toys for Sarah’s kids and their friends that they would love building and playing with.

Flatout Frankie products aim to transport children to a world where imagination and creativity is boundless. They love designing toys that encourage children to be creative and active – through building, imagination and experimentation. Something that we at My Own Den couldn’t agree with more.

As well as playing,  Flatout Frankie cares about the world. The New Zealand designed toys are 100% recyclable, printed to be kid-friendly, and made of sustainable materials by a carefully selected group of manufacturers.


It’s cardboard (though very tough cardboard) remember!

Play Ideas

If we could fit in –  and we’ve tried – we’d fly around the garden and house delivering post and letters.


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