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Cardboard Moustaches


Six different cardboard moustaches, made and designed in France by Pirouette Cacahouète. Simply press out your chosen style from the anti-cut cardboard, and attach under the nose.

The reverse is left blank for customising a moustache in your very own design and colour!

Product Story

These cardboard moustaches are great fun. Six ‘gentlemen’ moustaches designed and made in France by  Pirouette Cacahouète for dressing up, imaginative games or simply to make grownups laugh. Choose your moustache, tear if off and fix it under your nose. Use the black side, or you may prefer to colour and customise your own moustache on on the blank side.

The board containing the moustaches measures 21 x 9 cm, it has anti-cut edges and the cardboard is 70% recycled.

Brand Story

Since 2010, Pirouette Cacahouète has been imagining and distributing its own creations. Their products are made in France, they are eco-friendly and creative, and we at My Own Den love them! The Pirouette Cacahouète team comprises Juliette and Laure, helped by numerous partners (ESAT, illustrators, creators of cartoons, printers, …) to work on their creations and to make every effort to surprise and amaze.  


Take off your cardboard moustache before kissing Great Auntie Grace, she might steal it!

Play Ideas

Watch that grown ups don’t borrow these for weekend japes with their friends.


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