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Cardboard Guns


Children can’t resist toy guns and these blue and red cardboard ones will go down a treat. Made in France by Pirouette Cacahouete, they come in packs of four, two blue and two red, and are 100% recyclable.

Simple to assemble, with one side left white ready to customise. Stick ’em up, parents!

Product Story

Children have a tendency to make guns out of anything from toast to twigs in our experience, so these cardboard ones will go down a treat. Made by French Company Pirouette Cacahouete, the Petits Colts My Little Shooters are sold in packs of four, and are a Must Have for any cowboy, den dweller or adventurer! The two blue and two red pistols come on an A4 sheet and need to be torn off, assembled and decorated. One side is coloured and one side is white, all ready to be customised.

Made in France from cardboard with anti-cut edges, and 100% recyclable.

Brand Story

Since 2010, Pirouette Cacahouète has been imagining and distributing its own creations. Their products are made in France, are eco-friendly and creative, and we at My Own Den love them!  The team behind Pirouette Cacahouète are Juliette and Laure, helped by numerous partners (ESAT, illustrators, creators of cartoons, printers, …) to work on their creations and to make every effort to surprise and amaze. 


They are cardboard and tactile so make sure they don’t go missing in another den dweller’s pocket.

Play Ideas

The cardboard guns are just perfect for ambushing grownups, if tea is late then consider taking mobile phones hostage.


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