gorilla zip-up top
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Gorilla Zip-Up Top


This zip-up gorilla costume will have you ready to swing through the trees and frighten the neighbours! Easy to put on and take off with a child-friendly chunky zip, the gorilla costume is made from polyester and comes complete with tail.

One size fits ages 3 to 7 years.

Product Story

Be the King of the Jungle with our gorilla zip-up top. Its soft fur contrasts with it Mona Lisa eyes that follow you everywhere, or is this just the nature of small children? This gorilla dressing up costume (or gorilla disguise as we call it in My Own Den HQ) has a chunky zip which is easy to use with little fingers. It has a fun gorilla hood including a playful mouth full of teeth.

100% polyester

Brand Story

All our animal costumes for kids come from Pretend to Bee, a family run business in Nottingham. The company was established in the 1950’s and began to make childrens dressing up clothes in 2005.  The range of disguises is aimed at helping learning through the imaginative process of pretending to be something or someone, and of course having fun at the same time.

All of the designs for the range are created in Nottingham, the fabric is sourced locally and the majority of designs are cut sewn and packaged there too.

Quality and safety are paramount, with all disguises tested to Toy Standards.


The gorilla needs hand washing and then hanging on the line to scare the neighbours.

Play Ideas

What about a gorilla’s tea party? Invite your friends around for tea and roar from the door that you’ve been making banana sandwiches all day. How about drawing a picture of gorillas whilst in your gorilla outfit? Take a look at one of favourite websites the National Geographic here for information and pictures of majestic mountain gorillas.


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