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Moose Moustache the Moosetache!

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Moosetache, the fun moose head wall light or wall sculpture ideal for dens  everywhere.

The Moustache set consists of Lumberjack, Country Gent, Brigadier and Biker.

Product Story

Our Moose Moustache Wall Light (Moosetache) is a massive hit with teenagers.  The fun moose head wall light is ideal for owners of dens of all ages everywhere.

This stylish wall lamp comes with an accessory set of four dapper moustaches, his interchangeable moustaches let you pick the perfect moose persona for your room or mood of the moment. It’s a playful modern twist on the traditional taxidermy heads often seen in stately homes, brings the added benefit of light to boys bedrooms everywhere.

The light is flat pack and his origami inspired construction means he is easy to put together and doesn’t require any tools. This also ensures its light weight and hangs from a single mount that is provided with him. The mount is easy and simple to affix to any wall in your home with the provided removable sticky pad, or you can use a pin, a nail or even a screw.

Moosetache is not only made of totally recycled plastic but he remains 100% recyclable.

12W CFL energy saver or 13W LED light bulbs ONLY.  Light bulb not included.

The assembled light measures 61cm width 51cm height x 28.5cm depth.

Brand Story

We at My Own Den love Blue Marmalade’s story.  Set up by furniture designers Trent and Tom in 2002 who believe good design can help us all live a more enjoyable, less wasteful life. How? By creating eco-friendly products that are interesting, witty, challenging and full of life.

Products that people not only want to buy, but that they’ll want to keep for a long time. The production process ensures that the footprint is as light as possible – local production, sustainable materials, all production cast-offs re-used and products flat-packed for transport, yet straightforward to put together.


Keep your moustaches handy so you can change the mood of your lamp at will.

Play Ideas

Put on a different moustache depending on your mood.



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