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Bubble Lamp- Night Light


This lamp is perfect for any little boy or girl.  The Adorable lamp features the shy and dreamy mushroom boy Bubble.

It has  a warm and soft light which makes it a perfect nightlight, in addition to being a beautiful addition to any little boys den.

Product Story

This night light is a best seller in Iceland and a great night light for boys.  The light is of Bubble, a character from Tulipop, a shy and dreamy mushroom boy. Bubble is a creative creative who enjoys reading  novels, picking and smelling pretty flowers, tap-dancing gracefully along the river and playing hopscotch with his friends.  Bubble lives near the magnificent Big Waterfall in the serene Flower Power Valley.  Like all Tulipop products this boys night light comes beautifully presented in an illustrated cardboard box.

The lamp is made of heat resistant plastic and is CE certified,  a light bulb is included.

Size of lamp (cm): W21xH24

Brand story

Tulipop is an up and coming brand from Iceland. Although well established in Iceland, Tulipop is new to the UK.   It is a vibrant blend of the cuddly and gothic and is strongly inspired by nature. Tulipop was launched by two friends Signy and Helga in 2010.Their dream was to create something unique they would want to buy their own children.  As a brand Tulipop is recognized and loved for being a cool, fun brand that offers kids something a bit different from the norm.


A regular dusting will keep Mr Tree sparkling and happy

Play ideas

Why not have a look at the world of Tulipop here for some colouring ideas.


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