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Lion Cushion

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A joyous Lion Cushion from  ARTHOUSE Meath group, a social enterprise based in Surrey UK.

The cushion measures 45 x 45 cm and is made 100% cotton.

Filling included.

Product Story

This is a really charming Lion Cushion perfect for boys and girls of all ages.  It’s colourful design goes with a range of colour palettes making it suitable to many different dens.

The Lion Cushion is made from 100% cotton and measures 45 x 45 cm.  It comes complete with filling.

Brand Story

This A5 notebook is from ARTHOUSE Meath is an organization based in Surrey which showcases the talents and skills of adults living with severe epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties.

Professional art instructors offer guidance to ARTHOUSE Meath artists helping each person create images for designs and art works for exhibition and sale. All contributions are valued and everyone is involved. The artists offer something new with a refreshing perspective.

100% of sales revenue goes back into the business for ongoing development in the hope of creating more opportunity for more people in the future.


Don’t leave it lying about or an adult might steal it.  But don’t worry if they get it dirty you can get them to pop it into the washing machine.

Play Ideas

Why not start copy the animals and make a drawing for your den?


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