Children's Bedding


Children’s Bedding

As parents, we obsess about sleep and can’t wait to rest our weary heads at night (or is that just me?), but I’m sure we all know children who can take a little more persuading to get into, and more importantly to stay in their beds! The physical surroundings in a child’s bedroom are essential for a good night’s sleep, and we all know that if our babies and children sleep well then we’ve got a fighting chance too.

A child’s bed should feel comfortable, secure, and be truly inviting at bedtime. The bright colours and exquisite designs of our children’s bedding sets make them really stand out from the ones you find in most shops. We stock a wide range that includes toddler bedding, single bedding sets, and baby blankets. All are carefully chosen to reflect our core values of great design, ethics, and functionality, and all of them will turn bedtime into a treat.

Some of our bedding sets are made from beautifully soft organic cotton, some are made in the UK, and some are even hand-made. If you’re looking to personalise a den on a budget, but with real style, choose from our selection of quirky pillowcases. They make great gifts too!

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