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Fairtrade Soft Toys

Small children love soft cuddly toys, and our utterly gorgeous range appeals just as much to parents. Soft toys provide comfort and security, and often end up becoming close friends for years, like my son’s favourite teddy bear called Big Ted.  Passed on to my son by my husband, Big Ted is a rather sorry looking animal, with new patches on his paws and feet added by yours truly. Even approaching age 13, Big Ted still lives on the bed with the occasional visit to the spare room when we have guests.

Soft toys make great developmental toys for babies and toddlers, and all the ones we stock can be chewed and sucked and pulled around as your child explores texture and taste, and develops co-ordination skills. Cuddly toys are important for emotional development too, encouraging affection and bonding, and providing a confidant for older children.

All our Fairtrade ethical soft toys make the perfect birthday present or new-baby gift.

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