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Dens for Kids

For kids (and let’s face it, for grownups too), there’s nothing quite like the appeal of a den, a private space away from the rest of the world. Dens for kids allow endless possibilities for play, a place where they can create imaginary worlds, curl up and read with a friend, or arrange their toys for a tea party. And the other great thing about dens is they are completely portable; you can set them up anywhere – in the bedroom, out in the garden, or even on the beach.

Our kids’ dens range from hanging tents to teepees, from plush pavilions to outdoor playhouses, so you’re bound to find the perfect hideaway for your child. All our dens are made to last from durable materials, and of course they are beautifully designed too.

To help create an extra-special den space for your child, why not add a rug and some cushions? We’ve got some that would just fit perfectly! 

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