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Happy Cat Black Cool Bean Bag Large


The Happy Cat Bean by Design House RoomMate can be used for sitting on, but is also great for play and messing about- perfect den material.

Product Story

Every den needs somewhere to sit and this Happy Cat Black Cool Bean Bag  from Roommate is just perfect. Modelled on the shape of a cat, its ears are perfect to drag it around so you can get it just where it’s needed.  The shape invites and stimulates play so it’s more than a bean bag.

The bean bags are made from 100% organic cotton canvas The filling beads are well protected in a separate inner bag.  The large bean bags measure 90 x 100 x 80 cm.

Brand Story

In the spring of 2004, the design duo Chrisitne Schwarzer and Anne Birgitte Balle decided to launch an innovative product line for children, with a goal to create positive and stimulating settings for imaginative play.

RoomMate is a brand we love.  It aims to give kids the mental and physical space for interaction, fantasy and absorption- just the approach that we love at My Own Den.  Their designs are perfect for self-expression and enable children to create a special space of their own.   Since children invariably install themselves in every room of a house (don’t we know this!)  Roommate’s products are scaled and coloured with other household furniture in mind; so even though they’re meant for kids, their charm and quirkiness are appreciated by grownups.


Machine wash at 40º, hang dry.

Play ideas

Shape your bean bags in such a way that you can hide tiny toys in its cracks or simply ride it like a rodeo star!


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