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How to Make Children Tidy Up!

I put this in H’s room this morning.  Rather hoping that it would make him laugh and then he’d get on with tidying up whistling happily as he goes about his task.  I rather doubt it but you never know.  Hitting 13 has brought on some changes including the realisation that floors are multipurpose- they are shelves, cupboards and look best when strewn with belongings.

Apparently it’s a teenage rebellion thing so I’m trying to humour and ignore the state of his room at the moment.  It’s a shame because he was quite a tidy and ordered boy so hopefully that’ll return at some point.

So how to make children to tidy up?

  1. Be clear about what you want them to do.  Break down the tasks so that you are specific about what you expect. Sort out dirty clothes, put clean ones way, put dirty ones in the basket etc.
  2. Lead by example.  Do you want the children to make their beds in the morning?  Well you’d better make sure you make yours too.
  3. Keep their stuff to a minimum.  It’s difficult to be tidy if there’s simply too many things to contend with.  Try to  instigate a policy of moving possessions out of the den as new ones come at Birthdays
  4. For younger children, do it with them and make it fun- at least for them!  You’re in with a fighting chance if they’re having a good time.
  5. Don’t give up on it.  Keeping things tidy and looking after possessions are key life lessons and worth instilling from a young age.
  6. Finally, MAKE SURE THEY HAVE STORAGE!  It’s no use expecting them to tidy if they don’t have the means to do it.  Check out some of our lovely storage solutions .  In the meantime here’s a few suggestions.


    Our Play and Go range is great for travelling and at home


Elephant Toy Box by Werkhaus, it has a leather tail- what’s not to like?



Villa Magnetic Noticeboard with Shelf. Great for young children right through to teenagers

So I’m hoping that tomorrow morning, I’ll open H’s door onto an oasis of order and tidiness.  I’m not holding my breadth..

Have fun



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