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Save the Children’s Den Day

Did you know about Save the Children’s Den Day?  It’s a great idea for a great cause and My Own Den is going to be supporting it all the way.

Save the Children’s Den Day runs between Friday 18 June and Saturday 19 June.  The aim of the day is to have fun, be creative and raise money for children who need it most. Children can build a secret hideout or den either indoors or out.  It could be behind the sofa, in the woods, up a tree or in the garden.  Once set a den building task, children need little prompting in coming up with ideas and materials!

This Youtube film from last year is a lovely little insight into the delight of den building with a mini Kevin McCloud accompanying the real one.

The idea is for children to build a den to help them think about children who are in desperate circumstances who need a safe place to shelter.  It is a fun and educational way to raise money and awareness of the plight of needy children all over the world.

For more information about Save the Children’s Den Day take a peak here. You can sign up and register to take part. Once you’ve signed up you get a nice email saying this:

“At the end of March, you’ll receive your Den Day kit in the post. It’s packed with everything you need to take part, including your Den Day flag, activities and resources to help den builders learn about other children around the world and how the money they raise will help them, fundraising tips and more.”

Sign up for your pack now!


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