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How to Have Happy Kids

Morning!  This is my latest Huffington Post, all about how to have happy kids, it’s had lots of shares and likes so thought I’d share it too. I saw an article this week on netsmum about the importance of teaching children the value of money. At the beginning of the article a child is quoted: Every […]

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How to get Published in the Huffington Post

I’ve been asked three times in the last week how to get published in the Huffington Post.  I couldn’t answer immediately as the question needed some thought and time.  However, I promised to write a blog and here it is. I’m a regular blogger on the Huffington Post  and I’ve been published three times in the Guardian. My […]

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How to Make Children Tidy Up!

I put this in H’s room this morning.  Rather hoping that it would make him laugh and then he’d get on with tidying up whistling happily as he goes about his task.  I rather doubt it but you never know.  Hitting 13 has brought on some changes including the realisation that floors are multipurpose- they […]

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How to write a blog

Good Morning, It’s blustery, sunny and cold this morning. I’m going to write a quick blog to address a question that I’ve been asked three times in the last week and that is- how to write a blog?  The question has no doubt be poised as I’ve been relentlessly plugging the fact that I’ve been […]

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