Our Story - My Own Den

Our Story

It’s apt that our family business was initiated by a family drama. Not a big one nor even an unusual one. With two young children and two careers, we are used to juggling. No problem – we enjoy being busy and living at pace. We coped with the minor challenges that this lifestyle presents, one way or another. Then one week, all minor setbacks collided. We had ill children, ill parents and two seemingly unbreakable work commitments.

Of course we sorted everything out, but it did prompt one of ‘those’ discussions about balancing work with family life.

Around the same time, our son Harry, 12, was keen to decorate his bedroom. He had grown out of pirates and space ships and wanted to decorate his bedroom in way that  reflected him. Importantly, he needed somewhere to show off his fossil collection.  In short, his den needed a makeover. He’s got great taste and we found it very difficult to find things that he really liked. We found we were living in a world dominated by gender-bound items, pink and ballerinas for girls, and blue and action for boys. It is all so boring and predictable. It was so difficult finding bedding and accessories that he thought were cool and that were ethically produced.

Cue lightbulb moment! What about a business that is aimed purely at creating great, gender-neutral spaces for children? My Own Den was born.

Who We Are

We are a wife and husband team, Nic Williams and Mike Magee. Between us we have enjoyed multiple careers including picking fruit, washing up in a very posh restaurant, practising law as a barrister, teaching English, running a women’s refuge and running a business consultancy. Of course our most important job is bringing up two wonderful children, Harry 12 and Julia 5, and doing all this with love and humour (most of the time).

We are passionate about providing the right stimulation and atmosphere at home to let children be their glorious best.  We believe that having a special space is crucial to enable children to grow and flourish.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of imagination and childhood.  We believe that children should be independent, curious and take risks without too many rules, structure or supervision. We love free-range children rather than battery-driven, computer-operated ones.

Our Values

My Own Den has five key values; be smart, be kind, be approachable, be individual and, last but not least, be fun.