beautiful products, ethically made for children's bedrooms

‘It’s not just a bedroom- it’s my den!’

At My Own Den we understand the importance of a child’s bedroom. In fact every kid’s bedroom has den potential – a special space where they can relax, read and play. My Own Den’s mission is to help create special spaces for kids at home – we’re in the den business.

If you doubt the imagination and passion that children have about their room then watch what Frankie thinks in this video by Dulux.

In our shop you will find a range of carefully chosen items to create the perfect den for your children. Everything we sell is personally selected so that we’ve got something for den dwellers of different ages, interests, and tastes. We don’t differentiate between traditional designs for boys and girls – we’re not fans of the pink plastic dominated world that surrounds us, so you won’t spot any of that on here. We are fans of fun, good design, and well made ethical products.

My Own Den only sells products that we’d happily have in our own home, beautiful things that are ethically made and stylish that stand out from the crowd.

New Stock and Best Sellers

Here’s new stock and our current best sellers

Every Product Has a Story

We love stories and all our brands have one. Along with championing the creation of a child’s special space at home, we also love to know the story of each brand, where it was made, what was the inspiration, and who made it.

Have a look at our lovely Dogs Day Out print here by Sarah January. Sarah is part of ARTHOUSE Meath, which showcases the talents and skills of adults living with severe epilepsy, learning and physical difficulties. Other brands focus on a green approach to their products such as super-stylish Blue Marmalade, who design great products with a very low carbon footprint. Check out their story here.